Pictures from the 70's

Paul Kinnaly, LTJG 71-73

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hwt081 - Crew hwt082 - Helicopter hwt084 - Sidney Australia 1972 hwt085 - Tucker Underway
Crew holding 10,000th round fired this deployment.
Crew members examining Army Huey on Helo deck. December 1972, Sydney Australia Harbor (with famous, and then quite new Sydeny Opera House). Tucker was returning from Vietnam to San Diego on it's final overseas deployment.
Tucker at anchor (taken from motor whaleboat) at An Thoi, Vietnam.
hwt083 - Lower of the ensign
Final lowering of the U.S. National Ensign as the Tucker was decommissioned in December 1973


Peter Murphy RM3, 72-73

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  hwt110 - Murphy brothers  
Peter wrote: I hope my brother doesn't mind, but here's a photo of the two of us on Manus Island, in the Admiralty Islands. It's on our way back to the States after the Tucker tour of Vietnam that ended February 1, 1973. We had been on NGFS duty, Naval Gun Fire Support duty of the coast of Vietnam for a few months. On our way back, the ship stopped at Manus, an Australian Navy port. Pretty small place. We were all entitled two two beers...and I had both of them in my hands. The natives came by and sold us some trinkets. I had gone swimming... the only one of the crew to do so. So, my brother Chris (whom most might know of as Robert C.) and I, Peter Murphy, got our picture taken by another crewmate. He was an EMSN, and I was an RMSN.