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USS Henry W. Tucker
DD 875




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Class: Gearing
2,425 tons
Length: 390'6"
Beam: 41'10"
Draft: 18'6"
Speed: 35 knots
Complement: 355
Armament: 6 5"/38, 8 40mm., 2x5 21" torpedo tubes
Power Source: High-pressure super-heated boilers, geared turbines with twin screws, 60,000 h.p.




29 May 1944
Consolidated Steel Corp.
Orange, TX




DD 875
12 March 1945
Orange, TX




First Commanding Officer:
Comdr. Bernard H. Meyer




DD(R) 875
Radar Picket Destroyer
18 March 1949




DD 875
15 March 1963




3 December 1973
San Diego, CA




> Aided in post-World War II occupation of Japan and repatriation of Japanese nationals
> Patrolled Pacific Ocean in connection with US atomic tests
> Hit by six enemy shells on 28 June 1951 as she steamed into Korea's Wonsan Harbor (two men injured and extensive damage to radar gear)
> Awarded seven battle stars for her participation in the Korean conflict
> First US ship to provide naval gunfire support against enemy targets in Vietnam on 16 May 1965










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USS Henry W. Tucker
DD 875