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USS Henry W. Tucker
DD 875




DD875_Profile_Small.jpg (15570 bytes)




Class: Gearing
2,425 tons
Length: 390'6"
Beam: 41'10"
Draft: 18'6"
Speed: 35 knots
Complement: 355
Armament: 6 5"/38, 8 40mm., 2x5 21" torpedo tubes
Power Source: High-pressure super-heated boilers, geared turbines with twin screws, 60,000 h.p.




29 May 1944
Consolidated Steel Corp.
Orange, TX




DD 875
12 March 1945
Orange, TX




First Commanding Officer:
Comdr. Bernard H. Meyer




DD(R) 875
Radar Picket Destroyer
18 March 1949




DD 875
15 March 1963




3 December 1973
San Diego, CA




> Aided in post-World War II occupation of Japan and repatriation of Japanese nationals
> Patrolled Pacific Ocean in connection with US atomic tests
> Hit by six enemy shells on 28 June 1951 as she steamed into Korea's Wonsan Harbor (two men injured and extensive damage to radar gear)
> Awarded seven battle stars for her participation in the Korean conflict
> First US ship to provide naval gunfire support against enemy targets in Vietnam on 16 May 1965










Ship’s Store





Baseball Caps


We have baseball caps available for sale.  They are navy blue with a ship

profile in grey and the ship’s name and hull number in gold.  They come in

solid cloth back and mesh back.  Please specify which you prefer. 


The price is $12.00, which includes postage.


To order, send a check payable to Henry W. Tucker Reunion Fund to:


Bill Siler

835 Claybanks Drive

Callaway, VA 24067-4524


Due to the fact that the profile of the ship changed several times over the

nearly 30 years she was in commission, the profile on the cap may not

match what you remember when you were aboard.


Coffee Mugs


We have coffee mugs for $10.00. They have the ship’s name, a generic profile, and DD 876 or DDR 875. Please specify which you prefer.


Contact Bill Siler for pricing. Shipping prices vary according to where you

live in relation to Virginia. If you plan to attend the next reunion, you

might want to wait until the reunion to purchase. You will save on



































USS Henry W. Tucker
DD 875