The Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims recently held that VA regulations defining who had service in Vietnam for the purpose of establishing a presumption to exposure to herbicides (e.g. Agent Orange) were too restrictive.  Consequently, those who served in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia or on Navy ships off the coast of Vietnam may be eligible for service connection of certain cancers, including lung and prostate cancer, as well as Type 2 Diabetes. 

Veterans who were previously denied service connection for a presumptive disability should reopen their claim with the VA.  Those who have a presumptive disability should apply immediately for service connection.  Those who receive service connection for any disability are entitled to free treatment for that condition at any VA medical facility and may be entitled to a monthly payment from the VA.

Refer to Haas vs. Nicholson No. 04-0491 Decided August 16, 2006